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Treating My Husband on Our Anniversary

It was my 25th wedding anniversary last month and my husband has a tendency to splash the cash – he always buys me fancy necklaces, earrings or watches – but this time I wanted to be the one who would dig deep in the pocket. Fortunately, as much as my husband loves to buy me nice things, he doesn’t neglect himself, which can make buying for him really difficult. He has all the latest and best tech and gear – sound systems, watches, phones and games consoles, so I definitely didn’t want to buy him something he would have just ended up getting for himself anyway.

I brainstormed for a few ideas and decided to buy him an accessory he would love but never think of buying – a leather key holder. For all his love of technology he also has a soft spot for the stylish and elegant. I found a clothing manufacturer, Crombie, and was surprised at their range of luxury men’s accessories. The wallets and key holders available all had a clean design, were extremely well-made and incredibly stylish – an ideal gift for someone like my husband. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality of Crombie’s products I recommended them to a friend who was searching for her father’s 50th birthday present. She chose a beautiful man’s leather wallet in a superb leather gift box which went down a treat!

When I gave the leather key holder to my husband, he was certainly surprised and extremely delighted with the gift I had chosen. He thought it was practical but also very charming and special, showing it off to friends and family. It’s his birthday in a few weeks and I have already decided to give Crombie another go; I may buy him a pocket square to compliment his range of suits.…

Vero Moda at Zalando

Looking through the huge range of Vero Moda fashion at online shoe and clothing store Zalando is enough to get any girl excited. This brand comes from Scandinavia where it has enjoyed huge success since it was found in 1987. The brand is perfect for the fashion conscious girl who doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on looking good. Is that exactly what you’ve been looking for? Check out these on-trend pastel coloured jeans which are perfect for combining with a little vest top this summer, at just £29.00!

Vero Moda is young, fashionable and affordable, just what every girl is looking for. As well as fresh and modern styles, there are a range of chic and sophisticated pieces to give you the perfect polished look. If looking classy is more your style, or if you’re going to a smarter event and want to give off an elegant air, you could choose a gorgeous blouse or shirt from Vero Moda and combine them with some smart jeans or black trousers and a stunning pair of heels, which is always a winning combination.

A girl always needs to accessorise her outfit, with bags, belts and especially with matching bling. With the money that you’ve saved on this highly affordable range of clothing, why not treat yourself to a nice piece of jewellery to put the cherry on top of your fashion cake! The latest spring summer collection from Danish jewellery brand Pandora contains some pieces which are perfect. This collection of silver birthstone rings is perfect for adding an extra touch of elegance to your outfit:

Make sure you check out the Vero Moda collection at the online shoe and fashion shop Zalando, as they offer customers free delivery on every brand too!

Images from Zalando.

J Brand, GoldSign, By Malene Birger

By looking at J Brand’s collection, it is easy to see that the flared jeans are making a comeback. With a pair of impressive heels they can make almost anyone look like they have legs up to their shoulders! J Brand’s Bette Flares are also a hit with Grazia. In Aspen (close to white) they provide the perfect base for a summer outfit. It is a difficult choice between their Bette Flares and their Monroe Flares in White, with the former being the more tailored of the two, but the latter being designed for curvier women. However, either flares look amazing with a floral top and heels.

Focusing on how comfort meets luxury, GoldSign’s collection this season is extremely diverse, which makes it difficult to choose just one item to include in your summer wardrobe. Regardless of the warmer weather, at least one pair of flared jeans should make an appearance and their Sissi Flare Jeans in Karina are a very a good choice. Slim fitting to the knee, it is a high-rise flare in a super soft denim that could easily become a summer favourite if teamed with a pair of wedges and a loose fitting, light and airy top. Likewise, skinny jeans will take a while to go out of fashion and Goldsign’s Misfit or Lure Skinny Jeans are a must have as well. Alternatively, for a more sophisticated look, their Quinn Slim Bootcut Jeans could be the right choice for you.

For light, feminine and elegant upper-wear this season, By Malene Birger have spent time and money researching their demographic audience and have designed clothes that combine wear-ability with luxury. The Saturnina Blouse in Black is a stunning sheer shirt decorated with vertical pleats and ruffles. Being one hundred percent silk, it clings to curves yet hides lumps and bumps.…

The UK’s Best Shopping High Streets

If there’s one thing we like to do here in the UK, it’s shop – high streets across the country are usually buzzing at the weekends with crowds of happy shoppers out for an afternoon of retail therapy. And in most of the larger cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Liverpool, you’ll find a fantastic mix of popular chain stores and exclusive little boutiques selling clothes by local designers.

One of the most popular and busiest shopping streets in the UK is undoubtedly Oxford Street in the heart of the capital. Here you’ll find a branch of practically every popular clothing brand in Europe, along with some of the best department stores in the country. The shops stay open past six o’clock on most evenings to cater for the post-work crowd and the street is dotted with plenty of coffee shops and eateries so you can refuel as your bags get progressively heavier.

Another very popular shopping area in London is Covent Garden. Along with the usual mix of high street stores, you’ll find a wonderful array of boutiques and stalls down by the historic cobbled market itself. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a special gift for someone, and if you need to take a break from shopping you can always while away ten minutes enjoying the acrobatic capers of local street entertainers.

Moving up north, Manchester is another shopper’s paradise. If you’re in search of exclusive designer fashion and feel like treating yourself, then be sure to visit King Street, which is just off Deansgate. If, on the other hand, your budget is a bit more modest then head to Market Street, where you’ll find a range of high street stores along with the Manchester Arndale, one of the biggest indoor shopping complexes in Europe.…

Find Your Wedding Style

Several months before a woman gets married she is already desperately looking for the most beautiful dress that will make her feel like a princess. She has got it all figured out with an exact idea of what the dress will have to look like, the colour of the groom’s suit, the decoration for the ceremony, the food for the after-party etc.

However, almost as important as the wedding dress are the bridesmaid dresses. And with today’s versatile selection, there is so much to choose from. You can either choose bold colours like a hot turquoise or you can go for a less flashy style with more subtle colours such as champagne or rosé. The latter option you could pimp up with some colourful accessories, for example with pink flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair.

Or have you ever dreamed of being your high school’s prom queen simply for wearing a prom queen’s dress? Then Fever Design’s extensive selection of prom dresses with their delicate prints and designs might just be perfect for you. You can order them in knee-short or foot-long lengths, with arms or without, or with some corsage detail such as a lovely flower. Another advantage about wearing a prom dress is that they look stunning both with a bouquet or a clutch bag.

But as I said, there are a lot of fashionable designer clothes to choose from, and if you are looking for more of a modern/casual style for your wedding ceremony, then the maxi dresses collection may include some good options for your bridesmaids. These foot-long dresses are stunning and elegant, and combine gentle colours and shapes with a glamorous look that is perfect for any kind of festivity.