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Bodysuits, Sleepsuits, Rompers – What’s the Difference?

Buying for a baby, whether it’s for your own or someone else’s, is a great experience – the only problem is knowing when to stop! If you’re heading for the shops to buy some goodies for a new arrival, don’t let the cost run away with you – buy newborn baby clothes from George at ASDA and you’ll see your pennies go further.

Be sensible with what you buy too. While super cute bodysuits and sleepsuits are extremely tempting buys, make sure that they won’t be wasted. Buy in different sizes so that the little one will be more likely to get some wear out of them before they have an inevitable growth spurt. With plenty of newborn baby clothes from tiny size upwards, you can buy a little bit from each size range and guarantee your purchases won’t be wasted.

Knowing the difference between these essential items can be a huge help – seeing everything on the shelves, and online, can be a little overwhelming. What’s the difference between a bodysuit, sleepsuit and romper suit? These are just a few of the varieties available and that’s not even including the adorable complete outfits that can be added to your shopping trolley!

Sleepsuits are also referred to as babygros and are perfect for a new baby who needs to be kept warm, comfortable and cosy for their first days and evenings. They’re fabulous for night-time while they’re also superb for casual days when there’s no need for a full outfit.

You can find them with the feet sewn in, to keep their little toes warm, while the long sleeves can also include fold-over scratch-mitts to keep their tiny nails from scratching during their sleep. Poppers make changing time super easy, too!

The bodysuit is another essential and can be worn day in day out as an extra layer, or on its own for a casual look.…