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How to Wear the Pencil Skirt
pencil skirt

How to Wear the Pencil Skirt

One of the longest running silhouettes in fashion is the pencil skirt, because it is flattering and can be pretty much worn on any figure. Here is how you are able to wear the pencil skirt.

Pencil Skirt and a Peplum Top

A new way to wear the pencil skirt is to pair it will a peplum jacket or top. The belted silhouette will make your waist look smaller and plays on an hourglass shape. A long pencil skirt will give you a slim and tall look.

Pencil Skirt and a Feminine Blouse

A pretty way to wear a pencil skirt is to pair it with a feminine blouse. Go for a blouse that is frilly, lacy or sheer. Also have a look at some girly prints like floral as these work well with a pencil skirt.

Pencil Skirt and Color Block

pencil skirt

Try a pencil skirt in one color and a top in another for a simple but trendy approach to color blocking.

Pencil Skirt and a T-Shirt

You are easily able to dress down the classic pencil skirt with a t-shirt and create an effortlessly chic look. You can dress up a plain t-shirt and pencil skirt with a bold necklace or go for a graphic t-shirt for a fun look.

Pencil Skirt and a Crop Top

Crop tops are back in fashion and they now come in all fabrics and prints. You can create a chic and sexy look with a crop top and a longer pencil skirt.

The Leather Pencil Skirt

A leather pencil skirt is chic and flattering. The leather pencil skirt becomes a basic, as it is able to go with anything from lace to wool jackets.

Pencil Skirt and a Belt

Tuck your blouse into your pencil skirt and add a skinny belt over the skirt.…