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How to Wear Women’s Boots

During colder days, women tend to dress up more carefully. It’s not only the way they look that they have to consider; they also need to stay warm and comfortable too. This can be achieved without looking too bunched up by choosing all the right pieces of clothing. Boots are one of the most stylish footwear designed for women especially during the colder days. They are versatile and can complement any style you have in mind.

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Thigh high boots may be tough to wear but they provide the warmth and comfort you need during colder months. They are best paired with short shirts or shorts. You may also wear a pair of leggings or skinny jeans to glam up during winter. Mid-calf boots can come in slouchy, studded, strappy or bucked. They look fab with skinny jeans and oversized jackets. Wear your winter leggings with a slouchy bag and a mid-calf boots for that chic and comfy look amid terrible weather conditions.

Mid-calf boots are very versatile, they can be great for winter but they are also stylish when worn during summer. Aside from mid-calf high heeled, ankle boots are also must haves during summer. You can wear your fringed skits, boho dresses or kaftan with a nice pair of heeled boots. Flat booties are also wonderful match for those highly femme floral dresses!

Function versus Style

This time of year, function can become a big challenger to style. So many times, the long fort battle between function and style is won by the former. Commonly those desirable items within the fast changing fashion industry are considered impractical and unwearable, and even more commonly, those clothes which are to be considered practical and useful hold little aesthetic quality.

In the winter, and especially now with forecasts predicting that temperatures will hit figures lower than we have experienced in more one hundred years, we are even more pressed to prioritize warmth and comfort in our endeavour to escape frostbite.

It is of course a false dichotomy between function and style. That aesthetic qualities mutually exclude strength and practicality is a misnomer to which the few and special brands lead us to question.

Often it is the more traditional and long running fashion houses which strike the perfect mix between the two. Crombie is a perfect example of one of these, creating luxury menswear since is began in 1805.

Using the finest wools, tweeds, cashmeres and merinos, Crombie is an archetypal brand which caters for the discerning man who wishes to ride, shoot and lounge all in the same afternoon. Function definitely prevails in the Crombie world, whose raincoats can evidently withstand all the weather winter chooses to throw at it, made of Melton wool and 100% cotton. The high quality allows for hardwearing usage, and yet where Crombie really stands out in is in their design. Subtly distinct from other brands, with special touches for example the red lining of the men’s winter coats, it has travelled steadily with the changes in men’s fashion and yet held onto its elegance and timeless collections.

There is no real reason to have to go for practicality and exclude style. Function and style can and should be perfectly united.…

Treating My Husband on Our Anniversary

It was my 25th wedding anniversary last month and my husband has a tendency to splash the cash – he always buys me fancy necklaces, earrings or watches – but this time I wanted to be the one who would dig deep in the pocket. Fortunately, as much as my husband loves to buy me nice things, he doesn’t neglect himself, which can make buying for him really difficult. He has all the latest and best tech and gear – sound systems, watches, phones and games consoles, so I definitely didn’t want to buy him something he would have just ended up getting for himself anyway.

I brainstormed for a few ideas and decided to buy him an accessory he would love but never think of buying – a leather key holder. For all his love of technology he also has a soft spot for the stylish and elegant. I found a clothing manufacturer, Crombie, and was surprised at their range of luxury men’s accessories. The wallets and key holders available all had a clean design, were extremely well-made and incredibly stylish – an ideal gift for someone like my husband. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality of Crombie’s products I recommended them to a friend who was searching for her father’s 50th birthday present. She chose a beautiful man’s leather wallet in a superb leather gift box which went down a treat!

When I gave the leather key holder to my husband, he was certainly surprised and extremely delighted with the gift I had chosen. He thought it was practical but also very charming and special, showing it off to friends and family. It’s his birthday in a few weeks and I have already decided to give Crombie another go; I may buy him a pocket square to compliment his range of suits.…

The UK’s Best Shopping High Streets

If there’s one thing we like to do here in the UK, it’s shop – high streets across the country are usually buzzing at the weekends with crowds of happy shoppers out for an afternoon of retail therapy. And in most of the larger cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Liverpool, you’ll find a fantastic mix of popular chain stores and exclusive little boutiques selling clothes by local designers.

One of the most popular and busiest shopping streets in the UK is undoubtedly Oxford Street in the heart of the capital. Here you’ll find a branch of practically every popular clothing brand in Europe, along with some of the best department stores in the country. The shops stay open past six o’clock on most evenings to cater for the post-work crowd and the street is dotted with plenty of coffee shops and eateries so you can refuel as your bags get progressively heavier.

Another very popular shopping area in London is Covent Garden. Along with the usual mix of high street stores, you’ll find a wonderful array of boutiques and stalls down by the historic cobbled market itself. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a special gift for someone, and if you need to take a break from shopping you can always while away ten minutes enjoying the acrobatic capers of local street entertainers.

Moving up north, Manchester is another shopper’s paradise. If you’re in search of exclusive designer fashion and feel like treating yourself, then be sure to visit King Street, which is just off Deansgate. If, on the other hand, your budget is a bit more modest then head to Market Street, where you’ll find a range of high street stores along with the Manchester Arndale, one of the biggest indoor shopping complexes in Europe.…

Find Your Wedding Style

Several months before a woman gets married she is already desperately looking for the most beautiful dress that will make her feel like a princess. She has got it all figured out with an exact idea of what the dress will have to look like, the colour of the groom’s suit, the decoration for the ceremony, the food for the after-party etc.

However, almost as important as the wedding dress are the bridesmaid dresses. And with today’s versatile selection, there is so much to choose from. You can either choose bold colours like a hot turquoise or you can go for a less flashy style with more subtle colours such as champagne or rosé. The latter option you could pimp up with some colourful accessories, for example with pink flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair.

Or have you ever dreamed of being your high school’s prom queen simply for wearing a prom queen’s dress? Then Fever Design’s extensive selection of prom dresses with their delicate prints and designs might just be perfect for you. You can order them in knee-short or foot-long lengths, with arms or without, or with some corsage detail such as a lovely flower. Another advantage about wearing a prom dress is that they look stunning both with a bouquet or a clutch bag.

But as I said, there are a lot of fashionable designer clothes to choose from, and if you are looking for more of a modern/casual style for your wedding ceremony, then the maxi dresses collection may include some good options for your bridesmaids. These foot-long dresses are stunning and elegant, and combine gentle colours and shapes with a glamorous look that is perfect for any kind of festivity.

Making Your Bedroom Fashionable

Being fashionable is not limited to what you wear whether clothing, shoes, accessories and bags. You can also be fashionable at home and at work. Your surroundings can be your own and it does not have to be what others like. It is what you like. If you are happy with it, then go ahead. If you desire it yet your budget is not yet enough then save for it. You only live once so make the most out of life. Be happy especially if it does not take you to step on others’ happiness.

Whether your bed linen jives or not with your curtains does not have to be an issue. Some people are OC with matching everything from bed covers to pillow cases to curtains. Towels will even match, if not the design, the color will. The wall may not be easy to change in color but in the first place they will have it close to what will match most of their stuff. Others, on the other hand, love variety to the extent that nothing matches at all. The bed linen may be white and two pillow cases with different colors and the blanket is of another. That’s just how different minds work. The fashion of one’s own.

Beauticians Tunics for Professionals

If you are one of those individuals who work in the beauty industry, investing in stylish beauticians tunics should be a priority. These days, how much market you get depends on how you present yourself. The more you and your crew look professional, the more people are going to invest in your product or services. People will always be willing to spend money when it comes to making themselves look more beautiful and these people tend to gravitate toward stores or companies who hire employees who look professional. This is why to get more customers, invest on physical improvements like beauticians tunics.

Why use Beauticians Tunics

A great work wear defines your company status. If what you have is a beauty parlor, learn to coordinate your employees’ clothes with the company colors so people will immediately associate once they see the same colors somewhere and think of your business. For those who are not sold, here are several reasons on why you should invest on beauticians tunics.

Comfort- Considering that your employees are either going to be bending to wash hair or standing all day, it is important that they wear comfortable clothes. Tunics are made from soft materials which are stretchable and easy to fit.

Washable – These types of tunics are easily washable because it is made from materials like cotton. The wearer will not have a problem with either hand washing the cloth or placing it inside a washer.

Stylish – Just because it is for everyday use and wear does not mean it shouldn’t be fashionable. There are plenty of beauticians work wear available that are simple yet elegant.

If you want a successful business establishment, fashionable work wear can be a good tool for marketing. Diamond designs uniforms offer a large selection of beauticians tunics to choose from.…

Your Own Fashion Store, Free

Many in the fashion industry sell shoes, bags, apparel and accessories the old fashioned way: offline. It could be through a visible store where people can go to and look around and buy right then and there or they could be the ones going from house to house bringing their stuff or even just the brochure, the customer orders and when the order arrives it is brought personally to the customer.

This time, online selling is already happening. Those who have gone ahead have paid a huge sum to be able to have their own shopping cart and website. Little by little the existence of e-malls like Ebay and Sulit have used the opportunity to serve those who wanted to have their own store but could not afford to spend for it. Some ocial networks saw the need too, like Multiply, and became another e-mall.

Now you can have your FREE Online store that is focused on fashion. Create a store at CLOZETTE and you will be able to show off your bazaar page. It can even be chosen as one of the top bazaars depending on the popularity of your stuff. You can also have FREE Product listings available for members to bookmark so they can go back to their selection.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Create Store for FREE!

Saving with Aeropostale Coupon Codes

Aeropostale is one brand that prides itself for being able to come up with awesome items for the fashion-conscious and price-savvy individuals. From their online shop, you can buy high-end clothing at affordable prices for the whole family. Nevertheless, you could save some more when you shop there by using aeropostale coupon codes.

I think everyone is getting into the habit of using promotional coupon codes whenever they shop, because shoppers are able to save a lot of money through these. Since we’re living in such tough times, frugality is important; thus, the need to save in any possible way.

To those who want to save on their purchases, you should know that there are two basic types of Discount Codes, and these are:

1. Online codes – virtual or digital coupon codes that you can use for online shopping. You simply need to search for these codes in coupon sites like CouponCodes4U. Once you find an interesting deal, just click on the code, and that’s it. The code will be applied to your purchase upon checkout.

2. Offline/online codes – these codes may be used for both online and retail outlet shopping. Aside from the digital form, they have it in printable form that you can download for use in brick and mortar stores. Of course, you can also find these coupons in magazines and newspapers.

You have different options if you really want to save some cash on your purchases. You just need to know where to look and how to use your codes.

Cultured Pearls: A Technological Breakthrough

Cultured pearl is one breakthrough many women are happy about. The pearl industry has significantly supplied volumes of pearls and kept their prices affordable. Necklaces are now easier to string long using uniform sizes of pearls. Pearl necklaces can be worn close around the neck or loose. Conveniently, fashion named them according to their length sizes. Collar is a pearl necklace that is worn tight around the throat. Chokers hang close down the base of the neck. The Princess length dangles down to the collarbone. The Matinee length comes down the level of the breast. Opera length reaches the level of the diaphragm. The longest of all, regardless of the point it reaches far down the belly is called a Pearl rope. It takes a lot of uniform pearls to string to make the rope, good thing the world has all the pearls needed to string ropes and ropes of pearls.

Thanks to Diva Fabulosa, an awesome fashion blog, who gave me pearls from Palawan Island. Thank you so much Mommy Jade!! Check out her other awesome blogs:  Gowns and HeelsBeauty and Fashion DivaHealth and Beauty DivaThe Pinay BloggerOnline ChikadoraPinay Jade and Momma Finally!!

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