Celebrity Fashion Lines and Accessories
heidi klum

There are many celebrities out there that have created their own clothing lines, but some also offer accessories. Here is a look at these fashion lines from celebrities and the accessories that they offer.

Curtis “50 cent” Jackson

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is better known for his music, but his fashion line has also proved to be a success. G-Unit clothing was created by him and Marc Ecko. The line of streetwear features hats, hoodies, jean, shirts and jackets.

Gwen Stefani

L.A.M.B is the fashion line from Gwen Stefani and features shoes, hats, clothing and other accessories. Her fashion line has been a hit at recent fashion shows and you are able to get these lines from a number of stores as well as online.

Heidi Klum

The Heidi Klum Collection is a line of jewellery that all feature a clover symbol. QVC are the main sellers are the jewellery and you are able to get beautiful earrings, bracelets and pendants. At her online shop you will be also able to get shoes, perfume and more.

Hilary Duff

Duff by Hilary Duff features five lines which are the Queen Victoria, Broken English, Global hippie, Precious Metals and Night Flight. The line also offers accessories and cosmetics.

Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson


In early 2006, Jessica Simpson launched her shoe line and it has been highly successful. You are able to find her line at many online retailers. Her line also offers belts, handbags, eyewear and other accessories.

Justin Timberlake

William Rast is Justin Timberlake’s own clothing line that he began with trace Ayala who is a childhood friend. The line includes tops, jeans, jackets and accessories.

Kimora Simmons

Baby Phat is the signature line from Kimora Simmons. Not only do they offer clothing, they also offer handbags, shoes and other accessories.

Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso or Hope Brady from Days of Our Lives has a jewellery line that is named Hope Faith Miracles. You are able to spot her wearing some of the jewellery in the show.

Natalie Portman

Through Te Casan, Natalie Portman launched her cruelty free vegan shoe line. The proceeds are all donated for causes that support animal rights and the environment.


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