Do We Dare Try These Trends

There are plenty of trends to be afraid of in 2015, but as we generally mimic the stars…will you be brave enough to try them. Style update brought to you by iSync – Fashion Software

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are generally not cool, even though Rihanna is trying to pull these off. Bucket hats should not really become part of your summer wardrobe.



Culottes are one trend that is being forced on to us. Culottes are not tasteful or necessary even though stars like Rite Ora are embracing them.

Apron Pants

Apron pants have had a recent popularity boost with stars like Kendall Jenner wearing them. Apron Pants are hybrid and you may go with them or you should just stay away from them.


Dungarees are for toddlers. They are not flattering for anyone even though Diane Kruger seems to manage to pull them off.


It is better to stay away from makeup that is heavy handed because you just don’t need that much because why do you want to cover yourself up so much.

White Jeans

Every summer you will have that need to don a pair of white jeans and throw them on with your favourite wedged sandals. In real life though, you will probably get a stain on these fresh white jeans within an hour. White jeans are for those that don’t plan to sit, eat or anything to keep them safe.


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