J Brand, GoldSign, By Malene Birger

By looking at J Brand’s collection, it is easy to see that the flared jeans are making a comeback. With a pair of impressive heels they can make almost anyone look like they have legs up to their shoulders! J Brand’s Bette Flares are also a hit with Grazia. In Aspen (close to white) they provide the perfect base for a summer outfit. It is a difficult choice between their Bette Flares and their Monroe Flares in White, with the former being the more tailored of the two, but the latter being designed for curvier women. However, either flares look amazing with a floral top and heels.

Focusing on how comfort meets luxury, GoldSign’s collection this season is extremely diverse, which makes it difficult to choose just one item to include in your summer wardrobe. Regardless of the warmer weather, at least one pair of flared jeans should make an appearance and their Sissi Flare Jeans in Karina are a very a good choice. Slim fitting to the knee, it is a high-rise flare in a super soft denim that could easily become a summer favourite if teamed with a pair of wedges and a loose fitting, light and airy top. Likewise, skinny jeans will take a while to go out of fashion and Goldsign’s Misfit or Lure Skinny Jeans are a must have as well. Alternatively, for a more sophisticated look, their Quinn Slim Bootcut Jeans could be the right choice for you.

For light, feminine and elegant upper-wear this season, By Malene Birger have spent time and money researching their demographic audience and have designed clothes that combine wear-ability with luxury. The Saturnina Blouse in Black is a stunning sheer shirt decorated with vertical pleats and ruffles. Being one hundred percent silk, it clings to curves yet hides lumps and bumps. It would complement either J Brand or GoldSign’s flared jeans in a somewhat more professional look, which is always handy.


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