How To Look Fab In An Ordinary Day Strolling

It’s not a must to wear expensive clothes all the time but looking good is. You’ll never know what will that pleasant look can bring you that’s why it is very important to look fabulous even in your ordinary day strolling.

The secret to looking good is to look clean from head to toe. Starting off with the head, it would be nice if your hair is properly fixed. You don’t have to go the salon right before you start your day to have it done. Just neatly brush it and you’re good to go.

Keep your face oil free. That pressed powder should not leave your purse no matter how many times you change it. It’s not required to wear heavy makeup because the oil-free face and the lip gloss can do wonders.

For your clothes, keep it well pressed not unless the fabric is naturally wrinkled. If you don’t know any mix and match, then don’t try to mix colors. Keep it plain and simple.

Finally, keep your footwear clean. It doesn’t matter if it’s plain slip-ons or that cheap toms shoes that you got from your birthday, just keep it clean. These are just basic fashion tips on how to look presentable even in your ordinary day.


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