An $8,000 Wardrobe for a Court Hearing

After the buzz created by Lindsay Lohan’s white mini dress which she wore to her court hearing last February 9th, it seems she has decided to bring it several notches lower with her choice of courtroom ensemble this week. Lohan is being tried for apparently stealing a $2,500.00 necklace from a gift shop in Venice, California. Look at her courtroom wardrobe for this week:

Lindsay Lohan

It’s a low-cut black top and high-waist white pants from Chanel which has a price range that could go anywhere between $8,000.00 to a whopping $11,650.00! Apparently, Lohan chose the ensemble because she thought it was the most reserved.

She got a lot of ribbings a few weeks back when she came to court wearing a white mini dress which others deemed as being to inappropriate to wear to a court hearing. Others thought the mini dress was a sign of disrespect to the court, hence it became controversial. But this time around, people are saying that the Chanel pantsuit is an improvement and shows that Lohan does seem to respect the court after all.


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