Cultured Pearls: A Technological Breakthrough

Cultured pearl is one breakthrough many women are happy about. The pearl industry has significantly supplied volumes of pearls and kept their prices affordable. Necklaces are now easier to string long using uniform sizes of pearls. Pearl necklaces can be worn close around the neck or loose. Conveniently, fashion named them according to their length sizes. Collar is a pearl necklace that is worn tight around the throat. Chokers hang close down the base of the neck. The Princess length dangles down to the collarbone. The Matinee length comes down the level of the breast. Opera length reaches the level of the diaphragm. The longest of all, regardless of the point it reaches far down the belly is called a Pearl rope. It takes a lot of uniform pearls to string to make the rope, good thing the world has all the pearls needed to string ropes and ropes of pearls.

Thanks to Diva Fabulosa, an awesome fashion blog, who gave me pearls from Palawan Island. Thank you so much Mommy Jade!! Check out her other awesome blogs:  Gowns and HeelsBeauty and Fashion DivaHealth and Beauty DivaThe Pinay BloggerOnline ChikadoraPinay Jade and Momma Finally!!


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