Treating My Husband on Our Anniversary

It was my 25th wedding anniversary last month and my husband has a tendency to splash the cash – he always buys me fancy necklaces, earrings or watches – but this time I wanted to be the one who would dig deep in the pocket. Fortunately, as much as my husband loves to buy me nice things, he doesn’t neglect himself, which can make buying for him really difficult. He has all the latest and best tech and gear – sound systems, watches, phones and games consoles, so I definitely didn’t want to buy him something he would have just ended up getting for himself anyway.

I brainstormed for a few ideas and decided to buy him an accessory he would love but never think of buying – a leather key holder. For all his love of technology he also has a soft spot for the stylish and elegant. I found a clothing manufacturer, Crombie, and was surprised at their range of luxury men’s accessories. The wallets and key holders available all had a clean design, were extremely well-made and incredibly stylish – an ideal gift for someone like my husband. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality of Crombie’s products I recommended them to a friend who was searching for her father’s 50th birthday present. She chose a beautiful man’s leather wallet in a superb leather gift box which went down a treat!

When I gave the leather key holder to my husband, he was certainly surprised and extremely delighted with the gift I had chosen. He thought it was practical but also very charming and special, showing it off to friends and family. It’s his birthday in a few weeks and I have already decided to give Crombie another go; I may buy him a pocket square to compliment his range of suits. Crombie also makes fabulous casual jackets so I will certainly point him to the direction of their website should he fancy treating himself to some new clothes. Their products exhibit a great care for detail and they seem to know what men want!


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