Your Own Fashion Store, Free

Many in the fashion industry sell shoes, bags, apparel and accessories the old fashioned way: offline. It could be through a visible store where people can go to and look around and buy right then and there or they could be the ones going from house to house bringing their stuff or even just the brochure, the customer orders and when the order arrives it is brought personally to the customer.

This time, online selling is already happening. Those who have gone ahead have paid a huge sum to be able to have their own shopping cart and website. Little by little the existence of e-malls like Ebay and Sulit have used the opportunity to serve those who wanted to have their own store but could not afford to spend for it. Some ocial networks saw the need too, like Multiply, and became another e-mall.

Now you can have your FREE Online store that is focused on fashion. Create a store at CLOZETTE and you will be able to show off your bazaar page. It can even be chosen as one of the top bazaars depending on the popularity of your stuff. You can also have FREE Product listings available for members to bookmark so they can go back to their selection.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Create Store for FREE!


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